Clean Sober and Saved

The "Spiritual Connection" Within Your Recovery:

  1. Do you have questions about the "God Piece" in your recovery? Are you confused, angry at God or struggling to make a Spiritual Connection with God? Do you simply desire more information that can help you gain the true understanding of God?

  2. Have you ever thought, "at the end of my life, what is it all for? Where will I spend eternity? I'm clean and sober. I sponsor people, take individuals to meetings and go out of my way to help others. I'm a good person. Is that enough to be right with God?". 

  3. I've been clean and sober for a while now but I feel like there is something more out there for me. Can you help?

If you have ever asked any of these questions or work with people who do, The Clean, Sober & Saved curriculum series was designed for you.


CLEAN, SOBER AND SAVED guides participants through the 12 Steps of God’s Plan (a  modification of the 12 steps of AA, written by Pastor Tracy Strawberry) leading them to the true  understanding of God, the sinful nature, forgiveness, trust, boundaries healing, godly sorrow, and many other biblically-based concepts addressing the spiritual heart of the matter in a person’s recovery.


We purpose to seek for full restoration of addicted persons, and resolve to “stay in our lane” as we do so.

The church is unique unto itself.  It is not health care, social services, law enforcement, or government.  Because we are the church we focus on the spiritual needs of all those affected by addition, and address them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sessions are free of charge but the workbook at the cost of $8 is highly recommended for purchase.

**You can join the class at anytime during the 6 weeks.

Family and Friends Edition:

Have you found yourself enabling the addict in your life?  Have you become codependent to the addict?  We can lead you to an encounter with God through the Gospel, producing a transformed life, new ways of living, and a new identity in Christ, rather than an ongoing identity with your addicted loved one and their codependency.

The temptation is to think, “I already have Jesus and my life is fine, it’s my addicted loved one that needs Jesus, not me!”

 Codependent behavior is found everywhere codependent people are present.

·      There is a principal that says, “hurt people, hurt people.”  People who are in codependent relationships with active addicts and other kinds of dysfunctional persons are hurting.  That hurt spills over into the workplace, the rest of the family unit, and yes, into the church.

·      The Church must begin to address enabling, codependent behavior for the illness that it truly is and disciple the hurting to find healing, freedom and restoration from these crippling behaviors.

      Sessions are free of charge but the workbook at the cost of $20 is highly recommended for purchase. 

** You can join the class at anytime during the 14 weeks but we highly recommend completing the full 14.