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In this section you will find Love INC's coming events for this year and hopefully a peek at next year's activities! Also there are this year's past events to remember with photos and descriptions. We hope you look to see what we are up to this year and can find something that will peak your interest! God Bless! 

Back to School Supplies

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Dates and Times: Monday, Aug 07, 2017 12AM - 10/31/2017

Description: We will be collecting back to school supplies again this year.  You can bring them into our office or drop them off at your church.  A complete list of back to school supplies will be available at our office and at our partnering churches.  

School Supply List:
#2 Pencils
Loose-leaf wide ruled paper
Hand held pencil sharpeners
Pink Erasers and Pencil top erasers
Marble composition notebooks
Crayons- Packages of 8-16 for younger kids, 24 for older ones
Glue sticks-large
Colored pencils
Dry erase markers- 4 pack
Pencil cases- soft for 3 ring binders
Scissors- children's
1 subject spiral notebooks
3 subject spiral notebooks
1" binders
1 1/2" binders
2" binders
Plastic Folders with fasteners- Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange
Calculators- Scientific preferably TI-30xa
Locker Locks
Baggies- Quart & Gallon